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Technical Reports

LFOV Measurements
Large Field of View Measurements

The use of video measuring microscopes and comparators is common in modern manufacturing due to their ability to obtain fast and accurate non-contact measurements. There are many factors to consider when  choosing a measurement system including whether to purchase a traditional video measuring microscope, a comparator, or a system that provides a large field of view. This Technical Report will explain specific optical characteristics to consider when choosing a system

SNAP Minimum Feature Size
Minimum Feature Size

There are many factors that can affect the validity of your measurements when using metrology equipment. Factors such as focus, edge characteristics and illumination are all significant, but with large field of view systems like QVI SNAP, SNAP DM200 and SNAP DM350, using the right magnification for the size of the feature being measured is especially important. The following provides a set of best practice guidelines to determine the correct magnification for the feature size you are trying to measure using QVI large field of view systems.

Digital Camera

There are many more choices of video cameras and technologies available on the market, and with those many choices has come a bewildering amount of myth, legend and partial understanding about what makes a "good" metrology camera. The first thing to understand in discussion of camera technology today is that not all video cameras are suitable for measurement. In this Technical Report, we hope to answer many frequently asked questions about video metrology cameras.

QVI Configurable Optics White Paper
Configurable Optics

It seems like almost every month there is another new, low-priced video measurement system on the market. Many of these systems are offered by manufacturers or OEM resellers who package off the shelf optical components with a camera, stage and software for a "one-size-fits-all" solution. While some of these systems use high quality optical components, very few match the performance of the QVI® StarLite™ and SprintMVP™ systems offered by RAM.

QVI's advantage over these newcomers is that our optical and illumination systems are designed as a system to suit the intended application’s feature sizes and types. In this Technical Report, we will look at the factors that make QVI optical systems work effectively on a wide range of applications.

QVI Video Autofocus White Paper
Video Autofocus

Autofocus accuracy is one of the most frequently misunderstood topics in optical measurement – and for good reason: it’s one of the most complex. Since it is the image of the part, and not the part itself that is measured, good focus is essential for accurate results. In this paper, we will look at how video autofocus works, and what determines its accuracy.

QVI Ready to Measure White Paper
Ready to Measure

With so many video measuring systems on the market and so many service providers offering "expert" calibration services these days, there is a good deal of misunderstanding about accuracy and the effects of calibration on system performance.

In this Technical Report we will explain accuracy specs and best practices for calibration, so you will know when calibration is needed and what to expect when the work has been done right.

Case Studies
RGM Case Study

Read the Case Study.

Read how the RGM Watch Company uses the video technology in a QVI® StartLite 150 to measure small watch components.

RAM LED Mount Case Study
LED Mount

A manufacturing company producing LED mounting hardware sought a measurement system that would allow significantly reduced inspection time while ensuring the accuracy required for snap-fit assembly. To inspect parts, the company was using a vision measurement system that required a complex fixture setup and complicated programming to inspect all key features.

In this case study, QVI® SNAP™, large-field-of-view technology successfully reduced inspection time of LED Mounts by 66% compared to conventional measurement.

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