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SparkMVP 200-300SparkMVP for Manufacturing Quality Control

The SparkMVP automatic dimensional measurement system with precision fixed lens optics excels at measuring small parts with fine features.  Interchangeable front objective lenses allow selection of the magnification and field of view size to best suit the measurement at hand. SparkMVP's optical system provides a constant working clearance and no offset between the optical centerline and the optional TTL laser, reducing the need for stage movement and providing overall faster measurements.

SparkMVP Features:

  • High resolution fixed lens optics
  • 1.0X to 10X interchangeable objective lenses
  • 1X or 2X factory configurable back tube
  • Optional through-the-lens (TTL) laser for depth and surface profile measurements

EBX needlePowered by Measure-X® Metrology Software

SparkMVP systems run on full function Measure-X metrology software. With an extensive array of measurement tools, including video autofocus, motorized zoom, and high level edge detection, Measure-X can easily measure the fine features that SparkMVP specializes in.

Key Features

Imaging Optics
Fixed lens optics with factory configurable back tube and field interchangeable front lens options
Stage Drive System
All LED coaxial surface light, backlight and ring light
Optional Vu-Light high intensity ring light
Software Options
Measure-X metrology software


RAM Spark MVP DatasheetDownload the SparkMVP datasheet to learn more about this product and how it can work for you.

SparkMVP 200-300 Datasheet

QVI SparkMVP TTL Laser Datasheet


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