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SprintMVP 624Productivity on the Shop Floor

SparkMVP 624 is a fully automatic, 3-axis dimensional measuring system designed to handle large, heavy parts with small features. The moving bridge design allows all measurement sensors to be moved out of the way for part loading/unloading.

SparkMVP Features:

  • High resolution fixed lens optical system and digital megapixel
    metrology camera with 3:1 digital zoom
  • Configurable objective lenses and backtube for 1.0x to 10x
    optical magnification range
  • Optional touch probe and rotary axis
  • Optional 300 mm Z-axis for extended measuring volume

Software That Makes Measurements Simpler

QVI Measure-X software makes it easy for QVI SparkMVP to accurately measure fine features that require multi-step measurement routines, automatically combining autofocus, edge detection, programmable lighting, laser scanning and touch probing.

Key Features

Imaging Optics
Fixed lens optics with factory configurable back tube and field interchangebale front lens options
Stage Drive System
Moving bridge measuring unit, with single Y-axis scale and DC servo X,Y linear drive mechanism | Optional: Optional dual Y-axis scales and dual DC servo X,Y linear drive mechanism (required with extended Z option)
LED coaxial surface light, LED backlight, Conical VectorLight™ programmable LED ring light with 5 rings and 8 sectors | Optional: Fresnel VectorLight programmable LED ring light with 6 rings and 8 sectors for use with long working distance 1.0X lens
Miscellaneous Options
TP20 touch probe and change rack, Through-the-lens (TTL) laser, rotary indexer, digital I/O capability
Software Options
Measure-X®, MeasureFit®, SmartReport®, CAD interface, SmartFeature® software for FDA compliant environments


RAM SparkMVP 624Download the SparkMVP datasheet to learn more about this product and how it can work for you.

SparkMVP 624 Datasheet



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