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SprintMVP 1500-1552Automatic Large Area Measurement Systems

SprintMVP 1500 is an automatic, non-contact measurement system for large parts. An impressive list of standard features makes SprintMVP 1500 a great value, and a system you can trust for accurate, repeatable measurements.

SprintMVP Features:

  • Solid granite bases
  • Motorized zoom optical system with 35x to 175x magnification
  • LED backlight, top light and high intensity ring light standard
  • High resolution CCD color camera and motorized zoom optics
  • Measure-X metrology software – easily create and run automatic routines for any part

Powered by Measure-X® Metrology Software

Measure-X metrology software provides an extensive set of functions for system operation and dimensional measurement, accessible through a graphical user interface that is available in several languages.

Key Features and Options

Monitors and Display Equipment
Monitor, keyboard, and mouse are optional
Zoom Lens
Motorized (standard)
Vector™ ring light and LED backlight
Front Panel Controls, Manual Indexer, NIST Traceable Linear Scale, Optical Accessory Kit
Software Options
  • Reporting software
  • MeasureFit® Plus


SprintMVP 1500-1552 DatasheetDownload the SprintMVP 1500-1552 datasheet to learn more about this product and how it can work for you.

SprintMVP 1500-1552 Datasheet


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