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We offer a wide variety of systems and software packages to solve your individual application challenges.

 Automatic Measurement Systems


SprintMVP and SparkMVP automatic measurement systems provide dimensional measurement and CNC programmed operation.

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 SNAP Digital Measuring Machines


QVI® SNAP™ and SNAP DM200 make complex measurements easily and accurately. Simply place a part on the stage and press to GO button.


 Semi-Automatic Systems


StarLite and Spark semi-automatic measurement systems are precision instruments designed for easy focusing and part positioning.

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 Visual Inspection Systems


Compact video inspection systems allow effortless, long-term viewing of parts and assemblies.

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 Laser Profiling Systems


Portable laser scanning systems provide high-resolution linear profiles. Ideal for fragile or pliable parts with critical surface contours.

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 Metrology Software


Measure-X, the world's most popular metrology software, offers intuitive point-and-click operation and numerous supporting software solutions to get the most from your RAM Optical System.

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RAM systems are manufactured by Quality Vision International in Rochester, New York.