RAM Optical Instrumentation


Cobra Video OptionReal-Time Imaging

Equip your Cobra profiler with the video camera option for real-time imaging of the part under test. See the laser spot pass over the surface as the part is measured.

Simplify setup and specific feature selection for improved throughput. The Video Camera Option works on Cobra systems equipped with DRS-300 or DRS-500 laser sensors.


  • Live view of part surface detail and laser spot during setup and while scanning
  • Self-contained B&W CCD video camera and on-axis optical assembly for square-on viewing
  • 6.8" diagonal TFT-LCD display for 15x image magnification. Adjustable arm mount provides for easy viewing and storage without sacrificing portability
  • On-axis LED surface illumination for perfect image contrast, adjustable through standard Scan-X® software
  • All necessary power for camera, LED illuminators and LCD display located inside standard Cobra base – no external connections


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