RAM Optical Instrumentation


Easy-To-Use, Full-Featured Metrology Software

From Full-Featured Metrology Solutions to Statistical Process Control and Fitting Software, QVI has all of the software you need to get the most out of your RAM optical system!

Standard Metrology Software



Increase your productivity and reduce your training costs with Measure-X®.

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Optional Software Packages

 MeasureFit Plus

MeasureFit Thumb

MeasureFit® Plus is an integrated fitting package that provides graphic and numeric analysis of all measured points in the CAD model.

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QC-Calc™ is a fully automatic Statistical Process Control (SPC) program that collects, analyzes, and reports inspection data from Measure-X software. Offers real-time plotting functions, statistical charts and custom reporting.

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 Reporting Software

Collects and reports inspection data, providing formatted reports based on runs of one or more parts. Print the data or export it to a database or spreadsheet the way you want it.

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