RAM Optical Instrumentation


Easy-to-Use Tools for Complex Measurements

QC-CalcQC-Calc™ is a fully automatic Statistical Process Control (SPC) software that collects, analyzes, and reports inspection data from Measure-X®.

Easy-to-use software that allows real-time plotting functions, statistical charts and custom reporting.


  • Up to 100 characteristics plotted live
  • Up to 100 points per plot
  • Whisker plots
  • Scatter plots
  • Live calculations of CpK, Cp and Avg
  • Automatic real-time statistical report
  • Rate graph showing parts per hour
Control ChartsProcess ChartsPlotting Charts
X Bar and Range
X Bar and Sigma
Median and Range
Moving Average & Range
Individual and Range
Individual & Moving Range
Pareto Amalysis
Correlation & Regression
Probability Plots
Histogram Analysis
Process Capability CpK
Raw Data
Graphical Editing
Automatic Scale Factors
Automatic Plotting Ranges
Override Plotting Defaults
SRC Reports
Adjustable Control Limits


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