RAM Optical Instrumentation


RAM Scan Fit & MeasureSimple to learn, Fast to use, Made to measure

Scan Fit & Measure gives you one-button profile fitting and measurement.


  • 1 Day setup and user training for fast implementation
  • Rugged design for shop floor operation
  • Precision comparable to a digital caliper
  • Comparator measurement calibration for greater precision and certainty
  • One-time CAD measurement template for off-line preparation
  • Full set of geometric dimensions with single CS alignment
  • Full set of geometric tolerances
  • Constructed features for comprehensive measurement
  • Best fitting for profile evaluation and automatic part alignment
  • Separate profile and dimensional views for unambiguous evaluation
  • Multiple parts measured at once for speed and reduced workload
  • Open-standard data output for integration with MIS and reporting systems


ram_sfm_datasheet_thumb.jpgDownload the Scan Fit & Measure datasheet to learn more about this product and how it can work for you.

Scan Fit & Measure Datasheet (77 KB)

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