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Video Direct Microscope (VDM-E/Z)Fatigue-free 3D visual inspection of small parts and assemblies

Squinting into a microscope eyepiece all day long for parts inspection can be very uncomfortable. That's why we developed the VDM system.


  • Stable metal stand with small footprint
  • 150W illuminator
  • Real-time color imaging on a 15" LCD monitor

The VDM-E/Z™ is available with two interchangeable optics options:

  • Patented Extended Depth of Field (EDF) Objective with on-axis lighting
  • Zoom Objective with fiber optic ringlight and add-on lenses

The system is complete with fiber optic lighting and is available with a number of options to enhance its versatility. When inspecting small parts from any angle, VDM is the effortless clear choice.

ram_vdm_cropped.jpg  ram_vdmedf_pr.jpg


Key Features and Options

Universal Pillar Stand
Universal pillar stand with focusing arm. Can be ordered in place of illuminated base stand at an additional charge.
Auxiliary Lenses
0.5x, 1.5x, 2x
Dust Cover


RAM Video Direct Microscope DatasheetDownload the VDM datasheet to learn more about this system and how it can work for you.

VDM-E/Z Video Direct Microscope Datasheet (212 KB)

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